Our Mission
Make Earth Green Again
The best time to plant a tree was in the past,
and God did all that; the second best time is NOW,
and we can make it happen!
Make Earth Green Again
Just one mature tree can produce up to 260 pounds (118 kg) of oxygen, remove harmful ozone pollutants from the lower atmosphere, and sequester between 35 and 800 pounds (16 and 363 kg) of carbon dioxide from the air every year.
Enough oxygen for two people use
Remove ozone pollutants from the lower atmosphere
Offsets a person's paper and wood use
Catches 2,380 gallons of rainfall
One tree can start a forest
One smile can begin a friendship; One hand can lift a soul;
One word can frame the goal; One candle can wipe out darkness;
One laugh can conquer gloom; One hope can raise your spirits;
One touch can show you care; One life can make the difference,

Be that one today!
A uniformed force had already started the action that vowed to protect this planet we call home. One trillion trees are planned to be planted by 2020, and 14 billion trees have already been planted in this action to Make Earth Green Again.

GIGABYTE, in dedication to its core value of Upgrade Your Life, has joined this cause supported by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to help fostering a more environmentally friendly future.
And for now, you are still an unsung hero
The Unsung Hero
In our effort to Make Earth Green Again, we need to summon the heroes in us, in all of us, and that’s including you too.
Our commitment might seem trivial in the grand scheme of things, but we believe every effort can amount to great results. And for this great cause, we’d like you to be part of it.
A laptop a tree,
make Earth green again
For every GIGABYTE laptop you own, a tree is planted in your honor, and we invited you to be recognized for the hero you are.
The Hero Certificate
Register your laptop to be accredited that a tree has been planted in your honor.
Be a hero! Do the right thing!
Be recognized for the hero you are!
Step 1
Own a GIGABYTE laptop
Step 2
A tree will be planted in your honor
Step 3
Register your laptop
Step 4
A certificate will be sent to your Email as a verification of your hero status (that you have planted a tree)
Step 5
Download your Certificate (Preview). An unsung hero no more.
Make One Happen
Register Your Laptop