樹木位置【樹木證書】連結 如下方標註所示


GIGABYTE and Plant-for-the-Planet have planted a tree for you!


Dear 申請人,

Thank you for supporting the children and youth from Plant-for-the-Planet. Plant-for-the-Planet is an international children and youth initiative planting trees for Climate Justice.

As a special gift for you, GIGABYTE has donated 1 tree for you to help in combating the climate crisis. Your tree will be planted on Plant-for-the-Planet foundation-owned land in Campeche, Mexico. You can find the location of your trees by searching ‘18°46'18.5"N 90°09'29.6"W’(種植的林場座標位置) on Google Maps.

Here you can find your tree certificate. (證書下載連結)
With your tree certificate you can also plant a tree in our virtual forest

Enjoy planting your trees!

If you have further questions please contact Marina Edelmann

Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation
Am Bahnhof 1
82449 Uffing am Staffelsee

Tel: +49 8808 9345